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Mark G. Perry

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Mark Perry is a highly respected litigator with a wealth of court experience.

Mark specializes in family law for Canadian and high-net worth clients in the area of family law. With 30 years of experience Mark effectively resolves the full range of family law issues for his clients including guardianship of children, spousal and child support as well as division of family property.

Mark's success results from his thoughtful and principled approach to family dispute resolution cases. Mark strongly believes that different disputes can be resolved using different approaches and therefore he works as a litigator, mediator and collaborative family counsel. His approach is to carefully advise clients regarding the benefits and drawbacks of the different approaches to family dispute resolution and then effectively act to resolve the family law issues.

Mark understands and accepts that in many cases where the parties' perception of the essential facts is different, litigation involving putting the case in front of a judge at a trial or pre-trial hearing is the most effective way of resolving the dispute.

Excelling at court advocacy is very much a learned skill. 30 years of court room work and countless trials has enabled Mark to hone his court room skills to a high degree.

While the accolades and appreciation from clients often arises from Mark's court room performance, Mark is aware that success in court derives from hard work preparing the case. Mark employs a team approach to preparing for court and involves associate lawyers and paralegals in ensuring that the case is ready for trial.

Mark's clients experiencing their case being decided by a Judge at trial report feeling supported in their understanding of the process by Mark and his team measurably reducing their anxiety. After 30 years of practice as a lawyer Mark has developed a powerful intuitive sense of parties, legal counsel, and judges. Mark uses this insight into the motivations and objectives of others to effectively negotiate positive settlements for his clients.

Mark has successfully challenged the expert evidence of child psychologists obtaining guardianship and increased parenting time for his clients. He has cross examined opposing parties exposing their lack of credibility leading to findings imputing income leading to greater amounts of financial support. Mark has argued successfully to obtain or defend mobility rights.

Areas of Practice

  • Family Law
  • Matrimonial Law
  • Estates
  • Personal Injury