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5 Reasons You Need a Family Lawyer in a Divorce

5 Reasons You Need a Family Lawyer in a Divorce

When dealing with difficult situations in life, we tend to turn to experts for help. For example, if we have a toothache, we go to the dentist; if our car breaks down, we visit a mechanic; etc. The same logic applies when it comes to the emotionally charged and daunting task of a divorce. For many people, a divorce might be the most stressful event they will encounter in their lives. What was once a commitment to stick together in sickness and in health, now becomes a complex disentanglement of shared lives, assets, and routines.

A divorce lawyer is a calm, experienced and reassuring guide through this difficult endeavour. Throughout the process, they work to protect the best interests of their client while also working to secure the best possible outcome in the separation. If you are considering hiring a divorce lawyer, here are just five of the many ways they work to protect your interests during a divorce proceeding:

1 - The Importance of Preparation

There are numerous steps that must be accounted for before a divorce occurs. For example, there is paperwork that must be gathered, facts that must be established, and records that must be checked, all in preparation for the case. Your divorce lawyer will act as an ally, walking you through the steps and sifting through these documents to leave no stone unturned, while ensuring that any material facts that help bolster your case are brought to light.  

2 - The Need for Objective Advice in an Emotional Time

For the vast majority of people, going through a divorce is an emotionally charged time where strong feelings can cloud judgment. You may feel sadness, betrayal, fear, depression, confusion and resignation – all on the same day! With these heightened emotions swirling, the presence of a divorce lawyer will ensure that there is a clear and level-headed presence. Your divorce lawyer will tune out the noise and work to achieve your goals. 

3 - Finding Solutions You Didn’t Know Existed

An experienced divorce lawyer will often have knowledge of outcomes of similar cases in BC law. Instead of pursuing just one pathway, they will likely offer a variety of legally accepted options for settling your case. For example, perhaps mediation is suitable, or an uncontested divorce. Divorce lawyers know family law inside-out and can typically work with the other party’s legal representation to find a middle ground that expedites a resolution to the case. 

4 - Avoid Delays  

The last thing anyone involved in a divorce wants is an unnecessary delay in proceedings. A divorce lawyer will work with you to ensure all formalities are completed, the correct paperwork has been submitted, and that you are fully prepared for what is to come. There are countless stories of those who believe representing themselves is a good idea, until they run into the realities of a judge that’s none too happy with their time being wasted.

5 - Focus on the Big Picture

Many individuals make the mistake of entering into a divorce seeking to “win” the case. They’re unwilling to compromise, and their full attention is directed toward ensuring all of their targets are met. A divorce lawyer will concentrate on the big picture, focusing on securing a deal that gets as many of the “must have” targets as possible. A divorce lawyer understands that they are representing an individual with finite resources, and knows not to waste time and money arguing over every little issue. They will work with you to set priorities so you end up with more of what you need – even if you have to compromise on some of your lesser targets.

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