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The Effects of COVID-19 on Family Law

The Effects of COVID-19 on Family Law

BC court proceedings have been adjourned for a few weeks, and we want to offer some updates on how this affects family law. If you have any questions as to how these changes affect you, get in touch with us. Although we are not currently accepting face-to-face consultations, Westside Family Law is available over the phone at 604-734-7911. We are here to help. 

Updates on Changes to BC Courts

Provincial Court

The Provincial Court is not currently filing any documents unless you have been directed by the Court. Until further notice, all non-urgent matters are adjourned. Family law trials, Family Case Conferences and other proceedings scheduled up until May 16th will not proceed, so you should not appear in Court. You will receive notification with a rescheduled date to attend Court. 

If you have a family law matter that is urgent, you can submit an emergency notice of motion. Though acceptance is not guaranteed, filing this motion requests that your concern be considered urgent before the courts. If a judge determines the matter is urgent, a telephone hearing or trial will be scheduled. Otherwise, non-urgent filings are not accepted at this time. To view the latest message from the Provincial Court, click here

Supreme Court

In the Supreme Court, regular operations are suspended during COVID-19. All non-urgent matters are adjourned. The Court is processing documents filed electronically, by mail or DropBox. Wherever possible, the Court is conducting hearings over the phone. Future hearings, trials, Judicial Case Conferences (JCC) will not be scheduled until further notice. To view the latest message from the Supreme Court, click here

Court of Appeal 

In the Court of Appeal, non-urgent matters, including filing documents, are suspended. This is in effect until May 1st, at the earliest. The Court of Appeal is making an effort to host proceedings by phone or video hearings. To view the latest message from the Chief Justice of BC, click here

When Will Courts Reopen?

We are all eager for life to return to normal. This is especially true for family law proceedings, as Court decisions have a huge impact on family life. Unfortunately, the Courts have not yet designated a date to re-open. These closures are indefinite. To stay up-to-date with the latest information, check in directly online with the Provincial Court, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.

We’re Here to Help

It has been a stressful, confusing and challenging few weeks. Westside Family Law is here to help you navigate uncertainties that your family is facing. If you have any questions regarding filing documents, meeting deadlines, or assisting with urgent matters related to family law, contact us today.