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How Do I Reduce My Child Support Payments?

How Do I Reduce My Child Support Payments?

Are you struggling to pay your child support due to COVID-19 or a decrease in income? Changing a child support order in BC can be a complicated process, however, our team of Family Lawyers can simplify this. 

Gather information

Child support is based on your current income. In order to reduce your child support payments, you need to provide the court with certain information such as: 

  • Proof of your income and the other parent’s income
  • Provide the current child support order
  • The current living situation of the child;
  • Explain what has changed since the last child support order was made;
  • Provide the proper child support calculations in support of your position on how much child support should be. We have linked a calculator here for you to use.

Notify the Other Party

You will need to notify the other party and negotiate to arrive at a new child support amount, following which a lawyer can be seen to draft a new agreement or court order that can be entered by consent. 

Go to Court

If the parties cannot reach an agreement, you will likely have to go to court to litigate the issue. The process is actually quite complicated and needs intricate attention to evidence, detail and other legal issues that this blog does not cover. We recommend you have an initial consultation with a family lawyer. It is important to find out about this process and your rights prior to going to court.

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